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2022-12-01 00:44:15 By : Mr. David Ding

Due to the long-term high temperature and hot weather, the demand for electricity has increased greatly. Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places have successively launched orderly electricity consumption measures. Among them, Sichuan requires 19 cities (prefectures) in the whole province (except Panzhihua and Liangshan) to expand industrial enterprises. The scope of the implementation of power distribution to the people, all industrial power users (including key protection enterprises in the white list) in the Sichuan power grid’s orderly power consumption plan will implement a full production shutdown, and power will be distributed to the people. The blackout time will start from 00:00 on August 15th to 20:00 24 o'clock on the day.

It is reported that important semiconductor supply chain companies with manufacturing facilities in Sichuan include: TI, Intel, ON Semiconductor, Diodes, Molex, ASM, MPS, Silan Microelectronics, Huawei Electronics, Zhenxin Technology, Leshan Radio, etc. HI3798MRBCV20100000

In addition, potentially affected key companies include display panel leader BOE and downstream Huike, Changhong, etc., power battery leader Ningde Times, and Taiwanese electronics foundry giants Hon Hai, Compal and Wistron.

In addition, Sichuan is also an important production center for laptops, iPads, and Apple Watches. It is generally estimated in the industry that the laptops produced in Sichuan account for more than 70% of the world's Wintel laptops.

In response to the power cut in Sichuan, Quanta stated that it is currently operating normally and its shipment target for August remains unchanged.

Both Wistron and Inventec said that there is no impact.

Compal and Pegatron said that they are still in the process of understanding the situation and cannot comment for the time being.

Hon Hai has production lines in Chongqing, Sichuan and Chengdu and their surrounding areas, engaged in the assembly of notebooks and tablets and the manufacture of related components.With regard to the measures implemented in Sichuan to allow electricity to the people, he said that the current impact is not significant.

Chengdu Foxconn will cut power from the 15th to the 20th, only retaining 20% ​​of the security load, and the production of the entire plant has stopped, indicating that the current operation of the company has little impact.

Tongwei said that it is currently actively cooperating with relevant departments to adjust the load in an orderly manner. The company's silicon material and cell production in Sichuan will be affected to a certain extent, but the specific degree needs to be evaluated. If the impact is greater, a corresponding announcement will be made.

Guoguang shares stated that other production bases of the company are in normal production status, and the temporary suspension of production of Runer Technology will not have a significant adverse impact on the company's operating performance.

According to the analysis of industry insiders, Sichuan has implemented a 6-day power cut, including key enterprises on the white list. It is false to say that there is no impact, but the degree of impact is different. As for the ODM factories, they have stated that there is no impact, because laptops are currently in peak season. During the period of sluggishness, the impact on mass-produced models is indeed limited.Moreover, due to the impact of lower demand, ODM factories have excess inventory in their warehouses, so it is a good thing to suspend production at this time.

AMC1200BDWVR However, Apple's iPad and Apple Watch are also produced in Sichuan, and the main foundries are Hon Hai and Compal. Their attitude towards the 6-day power cut is different from that of pure NB ODM factories.Compal did not disclose the extent of the impact until the deadline.It is rumored that Apple will release a new iPad next month, which is the first major design change in five years. At this time, the new product is in mass production, which will indeed have an impact on the production of new products.

The industry pointed out that a 6-day power outage is still within the tolerable range of the supply chain. If it is extended, it will definitely cause pressure, because the suspension of production will not only affect existing mass-produced products, but also be forced to postpone the design and trial production of new products, which will affect future Product scheduling. In addition, in recent years, situations such as epidemic closures and power cuts have occurred temporarily, which will also contribute to the decentralized production planning of the supply chain, which will once again have a fueling effect.

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