The Best Places To Loot In This War Of Mine

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These are the best places to get those all-important supplies.

This War Of Mine is a game all about gathering resources to persevere in and survive a warzone. However, holing up in your shelter with your fellow survivors is rarely enough. It will be essential to go on raids and scavenging trips each night so that you have the supplies you need.

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Picking the locations carefully will often be key to your success. Some areas will have armed resistance, some just other peaceful survivors. It is a crucial choice each night, since each location has unique properties.

What is a number one priority in a warzone full of danger and shortages? Well, food, of course. As such, the supermarket is a highly valuable location to loot. There are also weapons and ammunition to be found here, so it's a prime target.

You may encounter some soldiers or outlaws here, but if you manage to sneak past them or take them out, the supermarket is sure to be worth the trouble. Without spoiling the encounter, you can also get a morale boost from this location, should you choose to intervene in a situation.

This location is an excellent option for materials and weapons if you need them. Depending on the scenario, the construction site is home to soldiers or snipers, but in either case, it is a valuable place to get your hands on lots of materials — a great thing for future crafting projects.

It is dangerous, though, so you'll need to be cautious. If you want total value from the location, you'll need to take some people out. Also, keep in mind that the basement is flooded the first time you visit, so come back later if you want to loot it as well. Don't forget to bring your saw blade, though!

The abandoned cottage is a less stressful and explosive option for gathering. As implied by the name, there's nobody here. You can find lots of food and parts here, through some heavy work involving a shovel and a crowbar, or lockpicks.

With no moral or physical threats to your health, this is a great location to loot when trying to stabilize the situation of your group of survivors. Just stroll down here and grab what you need.

This tragic location is at the center of the map. It houses either rebels or homeless people, so be cautious in the case it's the former. It does come with fantastic rewards, though, as you will find many containers full of supplies once you get to looting.

To get even more out of this place you can either tank your morale, or do some sneaking to provoke attacks and harm others in self-defense. You will need to bring some lockpicks, a shovel, and saw blades, so make sure you have enough inventory room.

The central square is most likely the place that makes you most feel like life is going on as usual. It's where you and other survivors meet to do business and trade. You'll find four traders here; Juro for food, Petar for addictives like coffee and cigarettes, Mateo for materials, and Bojana for medication.

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There is also a bootable building here, but honestly, the pure trading possibilities here make it an excellent spot to spend a night. Bring Katia with crafted cigarettes and alcohol, in order to maximize your profit.

The military outpost is the very definition of high-risk, high reward, as it's the most guarded, lethal location in the game. The many soldiers, equipped with rifles, will shoot you with no hesitation if you ignore their warnings. However, if you manage to mow them down and successfully loot the place, you're pretty much set for the remainder of the game. It's filled to the brim with supplies, weapons, and ammo.

While yes, the probability of you surviving an encounter with several soldiers is unlikely, the massive reward for doing so makes this location worth all the risk. It's recommended that you bring characters with high combat skills, such as Roman, to increase your chances of survival.

This location doesn't sound that appealing on paper. It is under constant fire from a sniper, one of the more deadly adversaries, and you're at high risk of being shot and killed. Luckily, you can avoid this with a little bit of planning. You can hide and run between different cover points after each shot, as the sniper takes about six seconds to reload.

Once you get used to this trick, the sniper junction offers valuable supplies for little risk. You'll find food, medication, parts, and tons of materials. There are also two NPCs here that are lootable, should something terrible happen to them.

The hotel has three variants in scavenger, bandits, and trader. The scavenger or trader variants are peaceful and you're free to loot, with the only risk being a morale hit should you choose to steal. With lots of food, materials, and weaponry, the hotel is an excellent option for scavenging.

However, be wary of the bandit variant, as they are no joke. You'll face a group of three to four thugs, armed with weapons ranging from knives to a shotgun. However, some careful planning combined with a sneaky character like Roman or Arica should allow you to clear them out.

A hospital sounds like the perfect place to visit during wartime, right? Well, it is. You will encounter numerous patients and nurses here. You'll also find Dr. Sandu Jefimow here. There will be some armed guards, so keep an eye out for them.

The main draw of this location is the kindness of the nurses. They will give you free medicine and bandages if your survivor is sick or injured. If you have extra meds, trading them to the doctor is an excellent boost to your crew's morale. If you don't mind the moral implications, you could also choose to sneak past the guards and steal from the hospital. Overall, it's a great location for a variety of reasons.

The garage is potentially the best place in the game to visit. There is no immediate risk here, as you'll only encounter a peaceful NPC named Matey. He's trying to buy your medical supplies for his sick father, at a great rate.

Matey will only become hostile if you break in, but you don't need to do that. You could, however, sneak around and steal from them using the basement and the room downstairs, provided you bring a lock pick and a saw blade. The garage also replenishes supplies with time, so make sure to visit Matey every once in a while.

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