Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Season 1 Episode 9 release date, what to expect, and more

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Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie surprised its fans by introducing the new character Kamiya, who is one of the most popular personalities in her school. Kamiya is also a friend of Izumi, as they were both stationed in the post of library assistants.

Although Izumi has stated that Kamiya is a person who shows no interest in others' lives, upon hearing about the former’s relationship, she displayed immense curiosity. At first, it seems like she is interested in Shikimori, but the actual truth is not what one would have expected.

Episode 8 became one of the most emotional episodes of Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, and fans eagerly await episode 9 to see what comes next for Shikimori and Izumi.

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Season 1 episode 9 will be released on June 19, 2022, instead of June 11, as per the new official schedule. However, on June 11, fans will get to see the second special episode of Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie.

Fans around the world can watch the episodes on Crunchyroll, and in some regions, the anime is also available on Netflix. The broadcast times are listed below, along with different time zones.

In the final moments of episode 7, Kamiya got the same Couple Number as Izumi, and Shikimori was distressed about it. While Izumi and Kamiya were discussing a movie based on a fairy tale, Nekozaki interrupted their conversation and wanted to talk to Kamiya in private. When Shikimori stepped out of the library, she was shocked to see Izumi’s girlfriend.

Shikimori was begging Kamiya to trade the Couple Number, as Shikimori wanted to get her picture clicked with Izumi, just like the previous Cultural Festival event. Kamiya gave Shikimori the Couple Number without hesitation, which made the latter joyful. However, Shikimori was startled to see Izumi behind Kamiya, as she did not want to let him know the purpose of the visit.

When Kamiya asked Izumi to leave the library duties and join Shikimori, he declined the offer as he did not want Kamiya to get burdened with work. This not only surprised Shikimori but also made her question the bond between Kamiya and Izumi. Later, when Kamiya was spending some alone time on the school’s terrace, Shikimori approached her.

Shikimori wanted Kamiya to take the Couple Number back as fate chose her to get the same number as Izumi. Kamiya is not the kind of person who would easily let others know her innate feelings, but, assumingly, for the first time in her life, she confessed that she liked Izumi in front of Shikimori.

Looking at Kamiya’s miserable state wherein she started crying, Shikimori tore the Couple Number to bits and hugged the former. Kamiya was happy that Izumi had a girlfriend who cared deeply about the latter.

Izumi bought a heart-shaped locket for Shikimori, as he wanted to gift the latter something special for their anniversary as her birthday. Izumi asked Shikimori if she wanted to go to the park with him and she agreed. After Shikimori saw Izumi’s gift and his efforts, she cried for the first time, which startled the latter. Shikimori and Izumi promised that they would never leave each other's side.

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Season 1 Episode 9 is titled “Innocence and Clumsiness.” Episode 8 eventually brought the conclusion to the Cultural Festival, where Izumi and Shikimori were distant from each other due to being placed in different groups.

However, the next episode will continue exploring their time together, and as the title proclaims out loud, it is of no surprise that Izumi will once again be engulfed by his bad luck.

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