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On Saturday afternoon, Penn State University's red-shirt rookie Malick Meiga broke free when he scored his first touchdown in his career. This was a scene from the sidelines of Penn State University.

James Franklin must celebrate with the young wide player when he returns to the sidelines, but he also said that after celebrating prematurely, he almost strangled him.

Franklin said: "He raised his arms to celebrate, like a five-yard line. If they want, they can raise a flag and won't score a touchdown." "Before I hug him and tell him how much I feel for him. While happy, I was also telling him that if he would get the penalty, he could just run out of the tunnel. Because he didn't want to return to the sidelines."

Canada connection

When Mega got paid for the pass from newcomer Christian Veilleux, he was obviously excited. But the Quebec native also has good reasons to excite other members of his team and coaching staff.

The 6-foot-4, 200-pound wide receiver suddenly appeared in a 67-yard tackle, giving Nittany Lions a three-point lead against Rutgers, the third in his young college career Catches the ball. Prior to that, Mega had achieved success in games against Michigan and Maryland.

Although he slowly began to enter Penn State's offense, his potential seems to be only rising. Franklin pointed out that Mega has a real 4.3-second 40-yard sprint and will become a new threat to Mike Jusic's offense.

"You look at his body, you are talking about one of the taller receivers we of the faster people on our list," Franklin said. "I think he has the opportunity to develop into a true vertical threat, perhaps more than what we have really had over the years. That is what we need.

"Obviously, Jahan brought this, and Koandre can do it. Parker also showed a flash. But I think he has a chance to become a real vertical threat on the court," Franklin added.

Franklin also pointed out that Mega learned his skills with Washington in his sophomore year, and Washington is one of his best friends on the team.

Although Megan spends a lot of time with Washington and other outside players, he also has a close relationship with the young star who passed him a touchdown. The Canadians both trained together before arriving in Happy Valley.

"We went back a long way. I think we have been training together at home for two years," Mega said. "It's great to see all Canadians did a great job last weekend. We went through a lot of things before we came to the United States. It's great to see that all our hard work has paid off."

Similar to the other Canadians on the Penn State University roster, Mega did not lead to Happy Valley as usual. As early as August 2019, he promised to enter the class of 2020 at Pennsylvania State University and was named a three-star rookie and Quebec's top player.

"Just from Canada, you don't have many opportunities," Mega said. "You have to do your best to come to Penn State University-to participate in activities like summer camps. As a person from the United States, you already have the opportunity to join the people who come to your game to see how you perform. From Canada , You have no such opportunity."

Since arriving at Pennsylvania State University, fellow Canadians such as Jesse Luketa and Jonathan Sutherland have further helped Mega complete the transition.

"This greatly influenced my decision, especially Jesse Lukta," Mega said. "He also speaks French. My first language is French. My English is still not very good-still trying to find a way. It is great to have someone you can talk to in your own language (your mother tongue) NS.

"This must have had a major impact on my choice of Pennsylvania State University. Since I came here, they have been great mentors," Meiga added.

As a top recruit from his home province, Mega also received invitations from Baylor and Cincinnati. The athletic catcher started to gain attention as a star in high school, but didn't start playing football until the eighth grade. However, once he started participating in training camps and more competitive football, he began to see that he could play at a higher level.

As a real freshman in 2020 without getting any game action, and dealing with offseason injuries, the start of 2021 is a bit slow, and Mega’s final goal is definitely to score after a touchdown at Beaver Stadium on Saturday Achieved.

"Basically I have a crossing. I just need to cross the field and get into the quarterback's field of vision," Mega said. "So, as soon as I took the first step, I saw the cornerback walking to the left... I saw myself opening my heart, raising my hand, and Christian saw me. I caught the ball and ran into the open. The venue-it feels great."

Although the 2021 season is coming to an end, Mega is now allowing himself to play a bigger role in the Nittany Lions offense next fall. With Jahan Dotson likely to participate in the NFL draft, Washington, Lambert-Smith and Meiga will be the leaders of the group from an empirical point of view.

For Mega and the other trio, learning from players like Dotson can benefit their entire career.

"Learn from Jahan, Parker, KeAndre-really all the receivers in the room-everyone has a different approach, everyone brings something," Mega said. "Because I'm from Canada, I didn't know a lot before coming here. It feels good to learn and learn something from everyone."

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