Kevin Gage picked three Sheffield United teams to praise after his victory in Reading

2021-11-25 06:35:08 By : Mr. Peter L

This was Sheffield United's much-needed victory in Reading last night, and it was also the second time that Slavisa Jokanovic had a clean sheet.

After a bleak 0-0 tie with Coventry City on Saturday, this man seems to be moving in a similar direction. Reading provided very little, and Manchester United was slow and passive again in the opening 45 minutes. However, the second half improved, David McGoldrick scored Jaden Bogle's volley.

From there, Manchester United sat firmly and defended well. Andy Carroll was taken to create problems, but power forwards like John Egan and Ben Davis handled it well.

Forward knife Kevin Gage believes that the Manchester United defender is commendable in the Berkshire game last night.

Sheffield United's defense has been criticized this season. Hasty goals, bad mistakes and bad decisions put the Blades in a difficult season.

But Gage, who played for Manchester United in the mid-1990s, believes that the efforts of the trio of John Egan, Chris Basham and Ben Davis last night are commendable.

"We seem to have reduced stupid targets, and our defense tonight sometimes performed well in the patch," Gage told SUTV.

"Ben Davis won some key headers and Basham stepped in. John Egan is also organizing the troops. Our defense-actually as a team-is very good."

It was only the fifth time that Manchester United was rejected this season. However, switching to five at the back seemed to have stabilized the ship and now laid the groundwork for Jokanovic to build it.

There may be only two games, but now there is no doubt whether this team should play four or five games in the backcourt. Two games without conceding a goal against enough opponents show that this Sheffield United team is more comfortable.

Of course, there may be more in the future. But this will come in time. At the moment, winning the game is important, and it would be great if Shirecliffe won 1-0 to gain some momentum.

Moving from Jokanovic to the last five is a big move. This is almost an admission that his own way will not work. But on the other hand, you must believe that he saw the error and then changed it.

Now, the last three/five years seem to stay. Although Blades won, but it is likely to firmly occupy a place in the future.